Triathlon teammates, become friends, become long distance training partners!

Sarah and Kaitlin met while training together on the club Triathlon Team at Florida State University. Their positive attitudes and bubbly personalities attracted each other, and they became adventure buddies, road trip partners, and friends beyond teammates. In 2014, Kaitlin moved to Denver and Sarah, and her husband Chase, moved to Edmonton, Alberta. Kaitlin and Sarah are now both training for their first Ironman triathlon races in 2017– Kaitlin in Boulder, CO on June 11th and Sarah in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho on August 27th!

Kait (left) and Sarah (right)

We created this blog to provide a space to reflect on our individual training, while also supporting each other from afar. We’ll write about our training, motivation, work-life balance, nutrition, and all things long-distance racing!

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